Apprenticeships at the MPA / iBMB Braunschweig

Together with the iBMB, the MPA Braunschweig invests in the training of qualified junior staff.
For several decades, apprenticeships in three professions have been provided on a continuous basis.

  • Construction material testers examine soils, construction products, raw construction materials and binding agents, contaminated areas and recycling materials. They take samples, carry out measurements and tests and document the results.
  • Industrial mechanics produce equipment parts and components for machines and production plants, set them up or convert them. They monitor and optimise production processes and carry out repair and maintenance tasks.
  • IT specialists in application development design and implement software projects in accordance with customer requirements. For this purpose, they analyse and design IT systems. In addition to this, they provide user training.

The application and selection process is managed by the HR Department of TU Braunschweig. Apprenticeships are advertised in the local press and on the homepage of TU Braunschweig.