History of the MPA Braunschweig: Tradition – Quality – Competence

  • 1922 Foundation of a construction product laboratory in the Civil Engineering Department of Technische Hochschule Braunschweig
  • 1930's Foundation of an Institute for Construction Material Science in the Department of Architecture in the mid-1930's
  • 1949 Foundation of the Lower Saxony State Materials Testing Institute (NMPA)
  • 1959 Appointment of Prof. Karl Kordina as director
  • 1961 Start of the new construction in Beethovenstraße
  • 1963 Conversion of the NMPA into the Centre for Official Material Testing in Lower Saxony (ZAMP)
  • 1963 Renaming of the Institute to "Institute for Construction Material Science and Reinforced Concrete Construction" and creation of an independent "Official Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute"
  • 1965 Commencement of operations at the new location in Beethovenstraße
  • 1968 Appointment of Prof. Gallus Rehm as director
  • 1972 Start of the establishment of the special research area "Fire behaviour of structural members"
  • 1976 Appointment of Prof. Ferdinand Rostásy as director
  • 1987 Appointment of Prof. Horst Falkner as one of two directors
  • 1993 Commissioning of the flue gas cleaning plant
  • 1995 First accreditation on the basis of DIN EN 45001
  • 1996 Building authority approval as a testing, monitoring and certification body in accordance with the State Building Code
  • 1998 Appointment of Prof. Harald Budelmann as one of two directors
  • 1999 Conversion of the Official Materials Testing Institute into the Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute (MPA)
  • 1999 Cooperation agreement between MPA Braunschweig and TU Braunschweig
  • 2002 Reorganisation of material testing in Lower Saxony, reduction of the MPAs from 5 to 3, allocation of state funding to be reduced to zero by 2006
  • 2003 Recognition in accordance with the German Construction Products Act (BauPG) as a testing, monitoring and certification body with subsequent notification in accordance with the Construction Products Directive in Brussels
  • 2006 Appointment of Prof. Martin Empelmann
  • 2010 Appointment of Prof. Bohumil Kasal
  • 2013 Appointment of Prof. Jochen Zehfuß
  • 2017 Appointment of Prof. Dirk Lowke