AbP (general building authority test certificates)

The lists of the general building authority test certificates (abP), issued by the MPA Braunschweig can be accessed as follows:

  • Fire protection
    The abPs from the Fire Protection Department are published by the  Fraunhofer Information Center for Planning and Building.
    (Select "MPA Braunschweig" as the admission offices and approval body.)
  • Structures and construction materials
    The lists of the abPs of the Structures and Construction Materials Department, sorted by Construction Products List, are available for download as a PDF document in the grey box on the left.
    In addition to the serial number of the Construction Products List, the lists include the test certificate number, the subject of the abP, the customer, as well as the validity of the abP.
    (The abPs contained in these lists cannot be ordered from the MPA Braunschweig. Please contact the customers specified.)