Examination & Monitoring
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Dr.-Ing. Gary Blume Examination of fire damage / monitoring of fire protection +49 531 391-5491
Dr.-Ing. Alex W. Gutsch Testing of structures and construction materials +49 531 391-5446
Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Hinrichs General questions on monitoring +49 531 391-5902

Examination and Monitoring

The term "monitoring" is mainly used in the context of activities in accordance with German federal state building regulations. Monitoring mostly refers to conformity procedures for construction products in accordance with Construction Products List A – Parts 1 and 2, or to general building inspection approvals. So-called "external monitoring" includes the regular inspection of the factory production control and the products at their place of production.

The results of monitoring include independent statements on the compliance or conformity of the monitored product with a technical specification. They are frequently used for certification, in conjunction with results arising from tests and classification.

In some cases, monitoring on construction sites or monitoring of facilities is required. The MPA Braunschweig is active in the following areas:

  • Monitoring of the production and incorporation of concrete with higher performance and other special characteristics on construction sites (concrete BII or concrete of monitoring classes 2 and 3)
  • Monitoring of the repair of loadbearing concrete members, whose structural integrity is threatened, in accordance with the "Directive for the protection and repair of concrete members, part 3"
  • Monitoring of the production and injection of cement mortar in tensioning ducts
  • Monitoring of the application of in-situ foams on the surfaces of structural members larger than 50 m2
  • Monitoring of the implementation of glued concrete reinforcements in accordance with general building inspection approvals Z-36.1- …, Z-36.12-…
  • Monitoring of the implementation of fire protection curtains in accordance with general building inspection approval Z-6.60-… including the associated hold-open systems in accordance with general building inspection approval Z-6.5-…