Examination & Monitoring
Your contact persons
Dr.-Ing. Gary Blume Examination of fire damage / monitoring of fire protection +49 531 391-5491
Dr.-Ing. Alex W. Gutsch Testing of structures and construction materials +49 531 391-5446

Examinations of structures

The following play a particularly important role in redevelopments: the recording and assessment of existing structures, the development and assessment of unconventional construction methods, questions relating to the protection of existing structures – in particular in relation to fire protection – as well as the creation of safety and restoration concepts. The MPA Braunschweig offers a high level of competence in all these questions and offers targeted support for their customers.

There can be many reasons why the fire protection or the loadbearing capacity of a building has to be examined. Frequently, sealing issues or health protection play a role when determining whether and how existing structures can be used in future. The MPA Braunschweig has wide-ranging experience in the examination and evaluation of existing structures, e.g. in relation to loadbearing capacity, fire protection, sealing and health protection. Moreover, it can also provide support with renovations.