Monitoring of Structures and Non-destructive Test Procedures

Older structures or structures requiring renovation are not always extensively renovated straight away, or even considered for demolition.

However, such structures are frequently monitored using modern technologies, in order to be able to react quickly when they reach a state that might endanger people or traffic.

The MPA Braunschweig specialises in the installation of such monitoring equipment as a complete solution.

Targeted monitoring is becoming increasingly important, not only for existing, but also for new structures.

Measurements starting during the construction phase and continued into the operational phase are used as the basis for conclusions on the accuracy of load assumptions which were made during the design phase.
This is of particular importance if there are some uncertainties about the interaction and loads of the individual structural members in difficult building geometries.

Based on the knowledge gained from these measurements, it may be possible to find more cost-effective solutions for the supporting structures of subsequent, but similar buildings.

The MPA Braunschweig designs each measuring programme in accordance with customer
requirements. The selection of sensor and data recording technology is individually tailored to the measurement task.