Examination & Monitoring
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Dr.-Ing. Gary Blume Examination of fire damage / monitoring of fire protection +49 531 391-5491
Dr.-Ing. Alex W. Gutsch Testing of structures and construction materials +49 531 391-5446

Structural and fire damage

Due to its technical competence, the MPA Braunschweig frequently carries out on-site examinations in relation to structural and fire damage. In addition to a wealth of knowledge and experience, excellent test instruments are of crucial importance in this respect. The MPA Braunschweig offers both.

The examinations and expert opinions of the MPA Braunschweig carry weight, due to their independence and competence. As a result, the MPA Braunschweig also frequently acts as a court expert.

In the event of fire damage to loadbearing structural members or fire damage to entire structures, the question is mostly whether the structural member or structure still has sufficient loadbearing capacity or how this can be re-established through renovation. The MPA examines the fire damage on-site, takes samples for further laboratory tests if required, and provides an assessment of the remaining loadbearing capacity of the structural members or the structure based on the findings obtained.
The MPA Braunschweig also carries out expert examinations of structural damage caused by ageing, the elements, or other influences which could have an impact on the loadbearing capacity (resistance) or structural integrity.