Fire tests of fastening systems

  • On beam, ceiling and wall structures
  • Loads under centric tension or oblique load up to 50 kN
  • Special test methods e.g. in accordance with ZTV-ING or RAL GZ656, or test of high temperature behaviour of fastening systems
  • Testing in connection with special substrates such as hollow-chamber ceilings, masonry, torn reinforced concrete

Test procedures for fastening systems

 Fastening  method Example Fire load 
 Test procedure  design basis
 Chemical Shear connection injection  systems STTC

 DIN EN 1363-1


 Heavy duty anchor

 Multiple use

 Direct installation (stud bolts,  nails)

 Small electrical fastenings

 Anchor rails embedded in  concrete


 DIN EN 1363-1

 Steel  structures    Subsequent anchoring in concrete  (rebar) in connection  with  injection  systems STTC

 DIN EN 1363-1
 engineering  methods
 Testing of high  temperature  behaviour
 Clamps Heavy duty clamps
 Pipe clamps
 STTC DIN EN 1363-1
 RAL GZ656
 Rails Carrier rails
 (wide span girder)
 Mounting rails
 STTC DIN EN 1363-1


 Supporting system for electrical  facilities in relation to loadbearing  capacity and deformation

 STTC DIN EN 1363-1