Ventilation and Smoke Extraction

  • Relevant fire safety-specific tests for building services installations
  • Support with applications for certificates of usability (e.g. European Technical Assessment or general building inspection approvals)
  • Development and coordination of customised test programmes, including obtaining the respective certificate of usability required
  • Development of general building authority test certificates as certificate of usability required by building authorities

Ventilation construction products

  • Fire tests on fire dampers
    • Against the spread of fire and smoke in ventilation systems with CE labelling in accordance with EN 15650
    • With general building inspection approval for use in suspended ceilings, in facilities in accordance with DIN 18017-3
    • In exhaust air systems of commercial kitchens
  • Fire tests on fire-resistant ventilation ducts

Smoke extraction construction products

  • Tests for all fire protection-specific components of ventilation and smoke extraction systems (All installation situations can be tested either with gas or oil burners.)

Fire simulation and smoke tests

  • Concept creation to develop the optimal fire protection measures, e.g. by
    • Determining the tripping time of fire detection devices
    • Calculating the temperature load of structural members above a fire source
    • Calculating the equivalent fire duration
  • Calculations with zone or field models (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) with subsequent evaluation of the flow fields, temperature distributions and local concentrations of flue gases to determine the flue gas extraction system suitable for the respective geometry of the building.