•  Tests on construction products for the protection, repair and reinforcement of concrete structures
    • Surface protection systems for concrete (DIN EN 1504-2, DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete) directive; ZTV-ING)
    • Crack fillers (epoxy resins, polyurethane resins; cement suspension, cement paste and gels) for the load-carrying, flexible and swellable filling of cracks and defects (DIN EN 1504-5, DAfStb directive; ZTV-ING)
    • Repair concretes/mortars (DAfStb directive; ZTV-ING)
    • Coating materials for steel surfaces for repairs (DAfStb directive)
    • CFRP brackets (approvals by the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology))
    • Glues for construction purposes (DIN EN 1504-4, DIBt approval regulation)
  • Acceptance of certificates of suitability of specialist companies for the design of reinforcements for structures (bracket reinforcements) and for the gluing of façade panels
  • Creation of restoration concepts and technical implementation support in relation to the protection and repair of structures
  • External monitoring of repair measures in accordance with DAfStb directive and ZTV-ING
  • External monitoring or certification of factory production control
  • Creation of expert opinions in relation to the protection and repair of structures