Structures & Construction Materials
Your contact persons
Dr.-Ing. Knut Herrmann +49 531 391-8251
Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Wobst Sealing systems in constructions for storage, filling and handling of water endangering liquids +49 531 391-5427
Dipl.-Min. Frank Ehrenberg Sealing of wet rooms +49 531 391-5423
Nicole Meyer-Laurien Flexible sheets for sealing, liquid plastic +49 531 391-8252
Michael Pankalla Joint seals for water-impermeable concrete structures +49 531 391-8250
Friedemann Hierse Landfill sealing, joint tapes and joint sealants +49 531 391-5594 f.hierse@ibmb.tu-bs

Sealing of Structures

  • Testing of construction products for the sealing of roofs, structures and façades
    • Flexible plastic and elastomer sheeting
    • Bituminous sheeting
    • Compound seals for fresh concrete
    • Sealing products for liquid application
    • Roofing or sarking membranes
    • Plastic and elastomer vapour barriers
    • Bituminous vapour barriers
    • Plastic and elastomer damp proof courses
    • Bituminous damp proof courses
    • Mineral sealing slurries
    • Flexible polymer-modified thick coatings
    • Plastic-modified bituminous thick coatings
    • Sealings in connection with tiles and paving tiles
    • Expansion joint sealing strips
    • Injection hose systems
    • Coated seam sheets
    • Exterior strip-type seals
    • Thermoplastic joint tapes
    • Elastomer joint tapes
    • Joint sealants
    • Joint fillers and sealants
    • Geosynthetic flexible sheets for waterproofing
  • Tests on construction products for sealing in constructions for storage, filling and handling of water endangering liquids
    • Coating materials
    • Coating systems
    • Interior coatings and rubber coatings
    • Plastic sheetin
    • Sealing constructions such as joint sealants, concrete, precast concrete blocks, concrete slabs, joint tapes, joint sealants, plastic-modified repair mortars, crack fillers
  • Technical planning and supervision of the implementation of sealing measures (main focus: subsequent injection sealing)
  • External monitoring of sealing measures
  • External monitoring or certification of factory production control
  • Creation of expert opinions in relation to sealing of roofs and structures