Reaction to Fire of Construction Products and Building Elements

Tests based on national and European regulations

  • Fire tests on all construction materials including floor coverings
  • Fire tests on roof coverings
  • Development of test certificates, which either form the basis for general building authority test certificates (abP), or are themselves used in the conformity procedure within the Construction Products List A – Part 1
  • Development of general building authority test certificates (abP)
  • Approval tests for reactive materials in accordance with test guidelines of the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology) 
  • Examinations of noise protection walls in accordance with
    • ZTV-LSW 06
    • DIN EN 1794-1 – Annex C – Impact of stones
    • DIN EN 1794-2 – Annex A – Resistance tu brushwood fire
  • Tests on façades in accordance with DIN 4102 – Part 20

Tests based on international standards and special tests

  • Cone calorimeter test in accordance with ISO 5660
  • Room corner test in accordance with ISO 9705
  • IEC cable tests in accordance with DIN EN 50399
  • Examinations of the fire behaviour of non-regulated construction products

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