Long-term performance and smoke control

Endurance tests and smoke control tests go "hand in hand".

The latest test hall once again expands the capacities of the MPA Braunschweig in the area of "fire protection": a smoke control test stand measuring 5.5 m x 5.4 m (W x H) as well as a total of 20 endurance test stands facilitate tangible cost and time savings.
The spacious premises also offer improved conditions for flexible testing capabilities. This means that individual special test stands for very large shutters can be set up across the complete length of the hall. It is, for example, possible to test roller shutters and sliding doors up to a width of 40 m and a height of 9 m. As a result, there are no limitations in the European process, where size extrapolations are only allowed to a small extent.

Time and cost efficiency

Modern technology, the large crane system and enhanced installation capacities for smoke control and endurance tests facilitate tangible cost and time savings. The test frames are designed so that the same frame can be used to carry out endurance tests and smoke control tests on the door element. As result, additional installation/de-installation is not required for combined endurance and smoke control tests. The time efficiency arising from the reduced preparation and set-up time results in tangible cost savings.

Would you like to experience our capacities in person? We will be pleased to demonstrate our expanded capacities in testing fire barriers at our premises. Just call for an appointment!

Long-term performance

Main activities

  • Testing of barriers (doors, gates, curtains, windows and dampers) in relation to long-term performance behaviour in accordance with DIN EN 1191, DIN EN 12604 and DIN 4102-18
  • Mechanical aspects for doors in accordance with DIN EN 12604
  • Long-term performance and smoke control tests possible in one test frame

Test equipment

  • Endurance test stands: 20 test stands ≤ 5.5 x 5.4 m (W x H)
  • Special test stand e.g. for gates, curtains ≤ 30 x 9 m (W x H)

Your contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Christine Pleines +49 531 391-8223 c.pleines@ibmb.tu-bs.de
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Conrad +49 531 391-8247 a.conrad@ibmb.tu-bs.de