30 MN Test Equipment

30 MN test machine for stay cable tests and tests of tensioning methods – unique in Europe

Modern structures are frequently constructed in an increasingly spectacular fashion, which exposes them to extreme static as well as dynamic loads: Skyscrapers are becoming increasingly taller, wind turbines are constructed further and further out to sea, and the tensioning systems or stay cables of bridges are stretched more and more. As a result, compressive and tensile forces on an enormous scale are playing an increasingly important role.

Compression and tensile tests as well as dynamic tests with extremely high loads

Testing capabilities for tensile forces above 20 MN, such as tests on stay cables and tensioning methods, had only been available in Chicago, involving considerable efforts and costs for European manufacturers. Several years ago, MPA Braunschweig installed a 30 MN tension compression test machine, designed for static loads up to 30 MN and for dynamic loads up to 24 MN and 5 Hz. For loads above 10 MN dynamic, 20 MN static and test specimen lengths of more than 5 m for compression tests and up to 10 m for tensile tests for tendons, posts, cables and supports – it is unique in Europe.

Testing capabilities

  • dynamic tests in compression and tensile direction
  • up to 5 Hz at 5 mm lift and maximum load of 24 MN

Forces and pistons

  • max. force: 30,000 kN
  • max. piston travel: 400 mm
  • max. anchor dimension: 500 mm

Sample lengths

  • length: from 3,500 mm to 10,000 mm

Your contact person

Dr.-Ing. Alex W. Gutsch +49 531 391-5446 a.gutsch@ibmb.tu-bs.de